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“Over the past 15 years Hardstyle has been more than just a music genre for me. It’s been there for me in good and bad times.

It cheered me up when I felt down and it made me euphoric when I felt good. Hardstyle has always been a way of life for me, way more than just a music genre.

Let’s show the world Hardstyle is much more than a music genre and why it’s our passion in life!

During the years I’ve received many letters, telling unique stories of what Hardstyle has meant to you in special moments in your lives. This is something that hasn’t left me untouched, and feel now it’s time to use this energy and give something back to the scene.”




The Movistar Arena is one of the most prestigious venues that Chile has to offer. With the multipurpose options and the first-class infrastructure it’s the perfect location to accommodate high-level concepts like I AM HARDSTYLE. With a capacity of 15.000 people it’s the perfect dome to experience the unparalleled Chilean Hardstyle vibe.



He´s the godfather of I AM HARDSTYLE. He implements what most artist trying to achieve – spreading hard dance music across the globe. Brennan Heart is a true fable, a master in melodies and represents Hardstyle for more than a decade in his own vision. Hardstyle is the passion of his life. He is the mastermind behind WE R and is ready to bring I AM HARDSTYLE to Chile!


For nearly a decade, Noisecontrollers has been one of the leading acts in the Hardstyle genre hitting all major stages around the world. From an intense passion for music the producer behind Noisecontrollers, Bas Oskam, produces new music at conveyer belt pace. His succes is built on his unusual talent for producing music with a creativity and passion that is uncomparable to anything else.


Code Black has played events such as Defqon.1 Weekend Festival, Mysteryland, Tomorrowland, Hard Bass and Decibel outdoor festival, being estimated as one of the greatest talents Hardstyle has to offer.


Blademasterz, Brennan Heart’s second alias and live act. He is still here and will awaken the classic sounds at I AM HARDSTYLE. Gated kicks, reverse bass and powerful melodies will take you back in time to relive old memories and lift you into another dimension. Blademasterz will ensure you to feel the genuine meaning of hardstyle and its essentials.


Toneshifterz, better known as Elie Abwi, has become the heavy weight and true ambassador of the Australian Hard Dance scene, confirming his status on main stages all around the world.


Fresh, atmospheric and spine shivering music consisting of mind blowing melodies and emotional storylines are the first things that pop to listener’s mind when the name Rebourne is mentioned. The 21 year old Dutch producer behind the act, Timon Van Merriënboer, has been setting the standards to a sky rocketing high for the future of hardstyle with his unique approach to the traditional hardstyle sound.


At the beginning of 2014 a new force has been awakened. From the shadows to the light, a cutting- edge raw hardstyle act is born. Characteristic with a unique big sound, which stands for: dark, hard and in your face.Ilmar Hansen (born October 29, 1993), better known by his stage name Sub Sonik, is a Dutch raw hardstyle DJ / Producer signed to Brennan Heart’s label: WE R Raw. This year his career has gone sky-high, caused by his huge festival hit “Darude – Sandstorm (Sub Sonik Remix)”.


From an early age Dailucia fell in love with the harder side of dance music. During one of her own parties, she suddenly felt the urge to spin some records herself. Having felt the thrill of playing in front of an audience, she became fully dedicated to develop her skills.


Dj and producer of Hard Dance Music with more than 10 years of career behind the turntables. With his 34 years, Dani is considered the most bigger exponent of the hardstyle scene for be one of the drivers of this movement in Chile.


If there was a God for American/Chilean hardstyle fans, MC Villain would undoubtedly be him. With countless amounts of fan pages and fans worldwide begging for him to MC in their country, MC Villain is not only an MC but an icon of the harder styles.



$32.500,- (plus fee)


$55.000 (plus fee)


High VIP Area with special view
Get your ticket now!
Get your ticket now!


I AM HARDSTYLE takes place in Movistar Arena, Santiago. The event starts at 14:00hrs, and continues until 21:00 hrs.

The address of the Movistar Arena is: Av. Beaucheff 1204, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chili

The minimum age for I AM HARDSTYLE is 18. Make sure you bring a valid ID with you. Without a valid ID access can not be granted.

Tickets are available through the Puntoticket system. With the entel area you get a 20% discount on your tickets. Entel zone code: * 110 * 952 # You can buy up to 4 ticket per code.

There will be a main entrance for all types of tickets.

Smoking is not allowed inside the premises. Movistar Arena has smoking areas outside.

There will be a cloakroom inside the venue.